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Title: Bid Extension: Bike-Related Businesses and Associated Activity
Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
1 Centre Street, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10007
Jon Kraft
phone: (212) 386-0636
Goods and Services
Request for Information

PIN#85623Y0269 - Due: 1/20/2023 2:00 PM


The due dates for these Requests for Expressions of Interest (RFEIs) released on 9/12/2022 by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) have been extended as follows:  Bike (DCAS RFEI #21): New due date 1/20/2023

The purpose of this RFEI is to gather information to assist the City in subsequently developing one or more requests for proposals (RFPs) or other solicitations pertaining to: Provision of bicycle-related goods and services, to foster and reinforce the increase in bicycle mode share in New York City. This RFEI consists of the following Parts:

Bike Part A: Bike Retail and Rental: Bike retail facilities, especially those which contribute to the widespread availability of bikes—and the parts, service, and accessories associated with them—which are inexpensive, durable, long-lasting, easily repaired, and suitable for everyday use on city streets for a wide range of riding distances. Bike rental facilities which, when considered along with retail facilities, cover a range of locations and durations suitable to cover as wide a swath of demand as possible.

Bike Part B: Bike Supply, Recovery, and Repair: Provision of bicycles to most or all City residents, restoration or remanufacturing of bicycles, and provision of ongoing repair services to bike recipients and other bike owners.

Bike Part C: Small-Scale Bike Repair: Self-serve and full-serve small-scale facilities, whether fixed-location or mobile, where the cyclist or facility operator can wash a bike, fill the tires with air, and do small repairs.

Bike Part D: Cargo Bike Rental: Facilities where customers rent cargo bikes, especially facilities whose locations and bike capabilities enable the convenient and cost-effective transport of goods for which a customer might otherwise feel compelled to use a motorized vehicle or carry the goods by hand or dolly.

Bike Part E: Secure Bike Parking: Facilities where customers park bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, and other bicycle-based freight vehicles and other such conveyances, in a manner which provides security for individual bicycles, and is easy to use and inexpensive.

Bike Part F: Last-Mile Bike Rental: Facilities where a given user can rent a bike for a round trip between a public transit stop and a destination up to a few miles away.

Bike Part G: Traffic Gardens and Amusements: Car-free places where kids can become accustomed to navigating streets by riding or driving child-friendly vehicles including bikes. A broad range of facilities and associated amenities is possible, from pavement to theme park.

Bike Part H: Last-Mile Cargo Bike Container Relay Facilities: System or network of facilities where containers suitable for transport via cargo bike would be picked up and dropped off. In such a system or network, a given container would be received and relayed, its contents would be distributed to recipients, and it would subsequently be reloaded for outbound shipments. Such facilities would enable cost-effective deliveries by cargo bike to (or direct pickup at a relay facility within walking distance of) most or all of the City’s population and land area.

The City reserves the right to consider information obtained from responses to this RFEI in order to develop one or more RFPs or other solicitations that would achieve the City’s objectives. The City shall issue a subsequent RFP or other solicitation at its sole discretion, and any response to this RFEI does not guarantee either such issuance of an RFP or other solicitation or consideration for subsequent award.

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