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What is the City Record Online (CROL)?
An electronic posting of all notices appearing in the print edition of the City Record. About Us
Which agencies are included in CROL?
All mayoral agencies, other city government agencies and offices are included.
How often is the information on CROL updated?
The data is updated each business day.
How long will the solicitations and awards be posted on CROL?
Solicitation and award notices will remain on CROL and can be accessed anytime through the search function.
If I have a question regarding bid results or the content of a posting who do I contact?
Use the contact information listed within the notice. As an alternative visit The Green Book Online
Will CROL replace the print edition?
No. Both the print edition and online version will be available.
Is the full solicitation document (the actual Bid Book or RFP) available for downloading in CROL?
All available bid book or RFP materials can be downloaded. Users will need to sign in to access this material. If unable to access bid book or RFP, use the contact information listed in the notice to make a request.
Will CROL allow for electronic submissions of bids?
No. The process for the submission of bids remains the same in both the print and online versions of the City Record.
Can I request plans, drawings and/or specifications online?
All available plans, drawings and/or specifications can be downloaded. Users will need to sign in to access this material. If you are unable to access plans, drawings and/or specifications, use the contact information listed in the notice to make a request.
Do postings appear first in the City Record or on CROL?
New postings appear first on CROL, and are available after 12:00 A.M. The City Record newspaper is published at 9:00 A.M., with a PDF copy posted online.
I clicked on the attachment link but it didn’t open. What could be wrong?
Have you signed up/logged in? You will need to login to open attached documents. Is your pop-up blocker turned on? Please note pop-up blockers must be turned off when using our site.
How far back can I search on CROL?
Procurement notices (solicitations and awards) are searchable from 2003 to present while non-Procurement notices (public hearing and meetings, court notices, auctions and sales, agency rules and special materials) are searchable from August 2013 to present.

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Disclaimer: Pursuant to Section 103 (2) of the New York State General Municipal Law, New York City Charter Section 1066 and the City of New York Procurement Policy Board Rules, The City Record is the official paper of the City of New York. It is published each weekday except legal holidays. The print edition of The City Record is the official publication for the following notices: public hearings, meetings, court notices, property dispositions, procurements (solicitations and awards), agency public hearings, agency rules, and special materials which include changes in personnel. This electronic version of The City Record is offered solely for the convenience of readers.