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Title: Weekend and Emergency Meals
Aging (DFTA)
Contract Procurement and Support Services
2 Lafayette Street, Room 400, New York, NY 10007
David Hom
phone: (212) 602-4279
Human Services/Client Services
Negotiated Acquisition
3/29/2024 - 4/4/2024
Intent to Award

PIN#12524N0001 - Due: 4/4/2024 5:00 PM


The New York City Department for the Aging (NYC Aging) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the city's older population, projected to reach 1.86 million by 2040, representing 20% of NYC residents. As an agency of the New York City government and an Area Agency on Aging under the federal Administration for Community Living (ACL), NYC Aging receives federal, state, and city funds to provide essential services for older adults and individuals with disabilities.

NYC Aging prioritizes reimagining food provision for older adults through its Home Delivered Meals (HDM) program, serving approximately 18,000 homebound older adults with nutritious weekday meals. The program aims to meet regulatory standards while catering to the diverse tastes of older New Yorkers, reflecting NYC Aging's commitment to enhancing quality, efficiency, and sustainability in meal services.

This Negotiated Acquisition (NA) aims to expand the HDM program by establishing a public-private partnership to supply weekend and emergency meals for our HDM client network. The funds under this NA will be used by the selected contractor to support the administrative costs necessary to raise sufficient funding so that the contractor, and any subcontractor(s), can procure and deliver meals for weekend consumption and unforeseen emergencies. Contractors must have the capacity for fundraising to meet program targets. Expectations include fundraising for approximately 18,000 HDM clients to receive weekend and emergency meals on an annual basis (1,872,000 weekend meals and 90,000 emergency meals).

NYC Aging has identified five organizations who it believes can meet the criteria of the NA. NYC Aging intends to award a contract to one of the following organizations:

1. CityMeals on Wheels

2. God’s Love We Deliver

3. Great Performances (Artists as Waitresses Inc.)

4. New York Food Truck Association (NYFTA)

5. Riviera Hospitality Group (RC STILLWELL LLC)

Organizations that meet the below bulleted criteria may express their interest in being added to the above list and providing the expected services under this NA. Expressions of Interest must include a narrative (no longer than 1,000 words) addressing the following bulleted qualification requirements that NYC Aging will consider in making a final selection:

Fundraising: Demonstrated experience of at least 5 years in fundraising to cover the scale required for the contract. The provider should have the organizational capability, staffing structure, and donor engagement expertise to meet fundraising targets, with regular reporting requirements.

Program Service Delivery: Adherence to guidelines for the Home Delivered Meals (HDM) program, sourcing and preparing meals in compliance with regulations, and provision of weekend and emergency meals aligned with dietary needs and cultural preferences. The contractor and any subcontractor(s) must be prepared for emergency response and ensure food safety standards.

Organizational Capability: Capacity to operate the program effectively, including legal and fiscal responsibilities, staff training, data management, and compliance with safety practices during the health-related emergencies. Financial stability and budget management in line with NYC guidelines are crucial.

Emergency Preparedness and Collaboration: Experience in or a solid understanding of emergency preparedness planning, coordination with NYC Aging for continuity of care during emergencies, timely information provision, and collaboration with the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Responses should be submitted to NYC Aging at by no later than 5:00 pm on April 5, 2024 in order to be evaluated. Please note that submission of a response does not guarantee inclusion in the NA solicitation.

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