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Title: Request for Expression of Interest Retrofit Prefabricated Facade
School Construction Authority (SCA)
Contract Administration
30-30 Thompson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
Martina Mercaldo
phone: (718) 472-8587
Construction/Construction Services
Request for Information
3/20/2023 - 3/31/2023

PIN#23-1 - Due: 3/31/2023 2:00 PM


The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) is seeking qualified bidders to fabricate and install high performing retrofit façade panels at various existing school buildings. Interested fabricator and installer shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, and expertise, as required, to effectively perform delegated design services including but not limited to, panel design and engineering, detailed shop drawings, testing, fabrication, and installation of panelized wall system to meet the following performance requirements:

- Panels shall provide a wall enclosure effective R-Value of 30 with an integral air barrier that will be part of a continuous barrier system enclosing the entire building envelope. - Thermal breaks shall be avoided in panel construction and anchorage.

- Façade wall panels shall be supported on the existing building structure with anchorage designed by the fabricator.

- Wall panels shall be clad in materials to replicate the appearance of the existing façade and follow NY State Historic Preservation Office guidelines.

- Panels may include aluminum, thin brick, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and/or natural stone and shall be provided and installed by a single fabricator / installer regardless of the exterior finish.

- Panels shall incorporate high performance projecting windows meeting U-Value of 0.25 and achieving AW-80 and 12PSF water performance (entire panel) or better.

- Panels may be built and delivered to sites in large sections. However, final panel sizes may vary to suit site conditions. Panels may span between columns up to approximately 37’ by 14’apart; and

- Wall panels shall comply with applicable Building Codes, including NFPA 285 or contain no combustible materials.

- Typically the building(s) will remain occupied during construction

Please include the following in your response: a description of the system you are proposing, examples of similar projects using the proposed system, and why you feel the approach is suited to successfully achieve the objectives noted above.

Interested firms should respond by submitting their expression of interest no later than 2:00pm EST on March 31, 2023 via email to the contact listed. All questions regarding this RFEI shall be emailed to the below contact no later than five (5) business days before the due date. The SCA shall not be held liable for any pre-award activity or costs incurred by your firm for preparation and delivery of its response, producing materials, or attending meetings or any labor, in connection therewith. Responses received will not impact potential future bidding opportunities.

Upon review of submitted proposals, firms may be invited to provide an oral presentation of their system and qualifications.

All interested and proposing fabricator/installers must be pre-qualified by the SCA at the time of bid opening. Please see the SCA’s website ( for further information about the pre-qualification process.

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