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Title: American Legal Publishing NAE #1 PIN 02522X000212
Law Department (NYCLD)
Esther Tak
Services (other than human services)
Negotiated Acquisition
9/29/2021 - 10/5/2021
Intent to Award

PIN#02522N0005 - Due: 10/19/2021 5:00 PM

The Department needs to enter into an extension contract with the current contractor because of the need to maintain continuity of services while the Department completes the procurement of a new contract for these services. The contract resulting from this negotiated acquisition extension procurement will be terminated if the new contract awards are registered prior to the end date of the negotiated acquisition contract.

The New York City Law Department (the “Department”) is seeking a negotiated acquisition extension contract with our current contractor, New York Legal Publishing, Inc. to provide legal publishing and information services. This project has two components: 1) the publication and marketing of a multi-volume compilation of the Rules of the City of New York (“RCNY”), including, for the term of the contract, the monthly supplementation of the compilation, and 2) the creation and maintenance of an electronic database, accessible at no cost to the public via the Internet, of the text of the New York City Charter (the “Charter”), the New York City Administrative Code (the “Code”) and the RCNY. For Legal Counsel division. PIN 02522X00212

Disclaimer: Pursuant to Section 103 (2) of the New York State General Municipal Law, New York City Charter Section 1066 and the City of New York Procurement Policy Board Rules, The City Record is the official paper of the City of New York. It is published each weekday except legal holidays. The print edition of The City Record is the official publication for the following notices: public hearings, meetings, court notices, property dispositions, procurements (solicitations and awards), agency public hearings, agency rules, and special materials which include changes in personnel. This electronic version of The City Record is offered solely for the convenience of readers.