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Special Materials
Office of the Mayor (OOM)
12/12/2018 - 12/13/2018



December 8, 2018




            WHEREAS, real property taxes are an important component of a local government’s tax base and are essential to quality service delivery; and


            WHEREAS, New York City’s real property tax system is governed by provisions of the state constitution, other state law and local law, and has been administered in its current form for nearly four decades; and


            WHEREAS, the real property tax system should be reviewed to determine whether any reform of such system is advisable;


            NOW THEREFORE, by the power vested in me as Mayor of the City of New York, it is hereby ordered:


            Section 1. Establishment of the Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform. There is hereby established an Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform (the “Commission”).


(a)    The Commission shall consist of two Chairpersons, Vicki Been and Marc V. Shaw, six members, Allen P. Cappelli, Carol O’Cleireacain, Kenneth J. Knuckles, James Parrott, Gary Rodney and Elizabeth Velez, and such other members as may be appointed. The Commission shall further include as non-voting ex-officio members the Commissioner of Finance, the Director of Management and Budget, the Director of the City Council Finance Division and the Deputy Director and Chief Economist of the City Council Finance Division.


            § 2. Duties of the Commission.


(a)    The Commission shall evaluate New York City’s current real property tax system including, but not limited to, the number of tax classes, the methods of determining real property market values, treatment of real property value increases, relief for low-income and senior homeowners, allocation of tax shares across real property classes, and the administration of the current system.


(b)   The Commission shall provide the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council with non-binding recommendations on how to structure the City’s real property tax system in a way that is fair and transparent. The recommendations shall not result in a reduction of revenue, and shall include options for effective dates and phase-in periods for any proposed change. The Commission shall also identify which, if any, of its recommendations may be accomplished through local administrative or local legislative action.


(c)    The Commission shall issue a preliminary report and a final report.

(d)   To gather information and obtain feedback from the public, the Commission shall hold ten public hearings, two hearings to be held in each borough of the City.  


            § 3. Powers of the Commission.


(a)    In carrying out its mandate, the Commission may consult with third parties as it deems appropriate, and shall obtain all information and data necessary to fulfill the duties identified in section two of this Order.


(b)   The Chairpersons are authorized to convene meetings and establish such committees of the Commission as may be deemed necessary for the performance of its duties.


§ 4. Agency Assistance and Cooperation. All City agencies, including the Department of Finance and the Office of Management and Budget, shall cooperate in providing to the Commission such personnel, facilities, information and other assistance as are necessary and required by the Commission to carry out its duties.


§ 5. Effective Date. This order shall take effect immediately and be retroactive to May 31, 2018.





                                                                                                            Bill de Blasio


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