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Probation (DOP)
Contract Management Division
33 Beaver Street, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10004
Eileen Parfrey-Smith
phone: (212) 510-3790
fax: (212) 510-3794
Human Services/Client Services
Negotiated Acquisition
10/17/2018 - 10/23/2018
Intent to Award

PIN#78117P0002XXXN002 - Due: 11/1/2018 5:00 PM

This ad is for information purposes only, anyone who would like additional information regarding this procurement or future like procurements may send an email to no later than 5 P.M. on November 1, 2018
Pursuant to Section 3-04(b)(2)(iii) of the Procurement Policy Board Rules, the NYC Department of Probation intends to extend the following contracts for provision of the Young Adult Justice Program, which provides job and/or educational focused community programming. The below providers will provide this service during the extension term, by means of Negotiated Acquisition Extension, for six months from 1/1/19 through 6/30/19.

Vendor Name:Fund for the City of New York/Center for Court Innovation
EPIN: 78111P0002003N002 Estimated Amount:$270,657.86

Vendor Name: Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services
EPIN: 78111P0002008N002 Estimated Amount: $64,700.00

Vendor Name: The Osborne Association, Inc.
EPIN: 78111P0002011N002 Estimated Amount: $295,153.15

Vendor Name: Center for Community Alternatives
EPIN: 78111P0002001N002 Estimated Amount: $165,025.78

Vendor Name: The Fortune Society
EPIN: 78111P0002010N002 Estimated Amount: $65,536.50

Vendor Name: Research Foundation of the City University of New York
EPIN: 78111P0002007N002 Estimated Amount: $228,662.47

Vendor Name: The Children’s Village
EPIN: 78111P0002009N002 Estimated Amount: $167,879.84

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