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Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ)
1 Centre Street, 1012N, New York, NY 10007-1602
Scott Mathews-Novelli
phone: (212) 416-5280
Human Services/Client Services
Negotiated Acquisition
Intent to Award

PIN#00211P0015CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

PIN#00211P0021CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

PIN#00211P0022CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

PIN#00211P0023CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

PIN#00211P0024CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

PIN#00211P0025CNVN001 Indigent Defense Criminal Trial

***Organizations that believe they are qualified to provide these services or are interested in similar future procurements may express their interest by filing with the New York City Vendor Enrollment Center at (212)857-1680 or via email at For Human Service contracts go to***
*For Informational Purposes Only*

The Mayor`s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) is requesting a Negotiated Acquisition Extension for the Indigent Defense Criminal Trial contracts with the vendors named below for a 6-month extension to ensure that there is no interruption in constitutionally-and statutorily-mandated services while a new solicitation for a new contract is being conducted.

Contract Term: July 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Vendor / EPIN # / Contract Amount:
Bronx Defenders / 00211P0021CNVN001 / $7,255,411
Brooklyn Defender Services / 00211P0023CNVN001 / $9,761,876.50
Legal Aid Society / 00211P0022CNVN001 / $50,359,733.50
Neighborhood Defender Service / 00211P0015CNVN001 / $2,618,225
New York County Defender Services / 00211P0024CNVN001 / $4,732,938.50
Queens Law Associates / 00211P0025CNVN001 / $5,945,184.50

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