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Youth and Community Development (DYCD)
2 Lafayette Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10007
Kevin Best
phone: (646) 343-6304
Human Services/Client Services
Intent to Award

PIN#26024N0507 - Due: 4/1/2024 9:00 AM


Pursuant to section 3-04(b)(2)(iii) of the Procurement Policy Board Rules, the Department of Youth and Community Development intends to extend the Beacon ACE Preventive Programs. The ACS Beacon Prevention programs provide preventive services to families with youth at risk of foster care placement in a manner which ensures the safety of the youth and preserves, supports, and strengthens the family, when appropriate. The ACS Beacon Prevention programs are family-focused and reflect the culture of the community in which the families reside. They are designed to help families make positive changes in their lives that reduce the risk of children being placed in foster care. This integration of based prevention programs at Beacon sites strengthens, enriches, and expands ACS services designed to preserve families.

The term shall be July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2026.

The contractor’s name, PIN number, contract amount and address are as follows.


DYCD ID: 99346B

Vendor: CAMBA, Inc.

Amount: $1,608,645.00

Address: 1720 Church Avenue, 2nd Flr. Brooklyn, New York 11226


DYCD ID: 99347B

Vendor: Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, Inc.

Amount: $1,644,893.00

Address: 625 Jamaica, Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11208-1203


DYCD ID: 99348B

Vendor: Good Shepherd Services

Amount: $5,066,753.00

Address: 305 7th Avenue, 9th Flr. New York, New York 10001-6008


DYCD ID: 99349B

Vendor: Graham Windham

Amount: $3,406,848.00

Address: One Pierrepont Plaza, Ste. 901 Brooklyn, New York 11201


DYCD ID: 99351B

Vendor: St Vincent's Services Inc

Amount: $1,650,768.00

Address: 66 Boerum Place, 5th Flr Brooklyn, New York 11201


DYCD ID: 99352B


Amount: $3,441,568.00

Address: 345 East 102 Street, 3rd Fl New York, New York 10029


DYCD ID: 99353B

Vendor: Center for Family Life In Sunset Park, Inc.

Amount: $1,613,723.00

Address: 443 39th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232


DYCD ID: 99354B

Vendor: Sesame Flyers International, Inc.

Amount: $1,983,188.00

Address: 3510 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203


DYCD ID: 99355B

Vendor: Southern Queens Park Association, Inc.

Amount: $1,733,778.00

Address: 177-01 Baisley Boulevard, Rochdale Village, New York 11434


DYCD ID: 99356B

Vendor: The Child Center of NY Inc

Amount: $1,607,665.00

Address: 118-35 Queens Boulevard, 6th Flr Forest Hills, New York 11375


DYCD ID: 99357B

Vendor: United Activities Unlimited, Inc.

Amount: $1,736,015.00

Address: 1200 South Avenue, Ste. 304 Staten Island, New York 10314


DYCD ID: 99358B

Vendor: YMCA of Greater New York/Corporate

Amount: $1,762,843.00

Address: 5 West 63rd Street, 6th Fl. New York, New York 10023


If you wish to contact DYCD for further information, please send an email to

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