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District Attorney - New York County (DANY)
1 Hogan Place, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013
Jose Rodriguez
phone: (212) 335-4173
fax: (212) 335-3080
Services (other than human services)
Request for Proposals

PIN#20170400005 - Due: 5/1/2017 3:00 PM

The District Attorney’s Office of New York County (“DANY”) serves and protects the people of New York through the fair administration of justice. Building on a tradition of prosecutorial independence and courtroom excellence, the Office is an internationally recognized leader in the development of innovative crime-fighting strategies and justice reform initiatives. Each year, DANY handles approximately 100,000 cases, which are investigated and prosecuted by a staff of more than 550 assistant district attorneys with 700 investigative analysts, paralegals, and highly trained support staff members.

DANY is seeking an appropriately qualified Contractor to provide quality wireless communication devices and services for approximately nine hundred and nine (909) phone lines currently utilized by authorized DANY personnel. DANY intends to choose the Contractor who will best reduce operating costs and who will best improve existing wireless communication services through increased product and service features, enhanced call clarity and reliability, and greater flexibility in pricing options. The Contractor shall ensure that DANY is maximizing the benefits of its wireless services, shall ensure that the inventory of wireless devices is operational at all times, and shall make DANY aware of the latest wireless technologies and services. This Request for Proposal provides the requirements and evaluation criteria, which will be reviewed by DANY upon receipt of responses from all prospective Contractors. The quantities described in the RFP are estimates only. The Agency shall not be obligated to purchase any particular quantity of services detailed herein.

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