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Rukshana Pirzada
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Services (other than human services)
Request for Proposals

PIN#C201602 - Due: 10/31/2016 10:00 AM

Total MWBE participation goal :30 percent
CUNY School of Law (“CUNY Law”) of the City University of New York (“University”) seeks to procure, through a Request For Proposal (RFP), the design and development of a mobile application (“App”) specifically for use as a Smartphone game that tests Law School Students understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Vendor shall be required to provide three (3) years of maintenance and support.
Bidder should have been in the smartphone APP development business for at least one (1) year prior to the award of this contract. Bidder will be required to provide at least one (1) reference with a contract completed one (1) year prior that is of similar size, scope, complexity, and nature to the services required hereunder (”Similar Services”). Specifically, Bidder shall provide at least one (1) reference for a contract that encapsulated the delivery of digital games to institutions of higher education, particularly games that focus on the delivery of content rather than narrative immersion, that was available to played independently and competitively by approximately 100 students.
Any purchase that results from this advertisement shall be governed by the University’s standard Terms and Conditions, Purchase Order, and the Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts (Appendix A).

The Procurement Lobbying Act (PLA) Applies to this Solicitation.
The restricted period began with the publication of this ad.
Compliance Procurement Lobbying Act

Required Forms: Vendor shall complete, sign and submit the following forms if they are selected.

1. “Offerer’s Affirmation of Understanding of and Agreement pursuant to State Finance Law § 139-j (3) and § 139-j (6) (b)”
2. “Offerer’s Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations and Certification of Compliance with State Finance Law §139-j and §139-k”

Contact with CUNY:

Under the requirements of the PLA, all communications regarding advertised projects are to be channeled through the Designated Contact.

Communication with respect to this procurement initiated by or on behalf of an interested vendor through others than the Designated Contact may constitute an “impermissible contact” under NYS law and could result in disqualification of that vendor.

Rules and regulations and more information on this law, please visit: l/Faq.htm
(Advisory Council FAQs) (New York State Lobbying Act)

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